RFPs & Grant Opportunities

Marketing & Technology: Tools for Recruitment and Retention at Jewish Summer Camp

FJC is committed to helping camps remain competitive in today’s online marketplace.  This initiative will provide attractive, user-friendly communication, recruitment and enrollment tools to aid their satisfaction and retention rates. 

Thanks to generous support from an anonymous donor, FJC is offering two matching grants for an initiative to significantly improve the web presence and digital capabilities of Jewish summer camps in order to enhance marketing and increase recruitment; increase customer retention and loyalty; and extend camper, staff, and alumni engagement in the camp community beyond the summer.  Grants are available for up to 20 camps.  Matching funds by the participating camps are required. 

OPPORTUNITY #1: Online Camp Management Up to $6,250 over three years in matching dollars is available per camp to support each participating camp’s transition to CampMinder in an effort to develop and/or improve the use of technology, camper management, day to day operations, and recruiting.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  If you are considering applying for this grant, it is required that you participate in a conference call to learn more about Camp Minder and the details for implementation, including timeline.  Please RSVP by November 18 for one of the following at tech@jewishcamp.org *:

• Wednesday, November 20th: 11 am – 1 pm EST
• Thursday, November 21st : 2 pm -4 pm EST
*If you cannot make either of these times, please contact tech@jewishcamp.org

What is CampMinder?
CampMinder is a web-based business management and communication system designed specifically for summer camps.  It is the first company to offer this kind of technology to the summer camp world. Since 2001, CampMinderhas worked closely with industry-leading camps to identify best practices in each area of camp management, ranging from camper recruitment and retention to staff hiring, day-to-day operations, and alumni management.  The CampMinder platform consists of numerous integrated applications, each designed carefully and specifically to address a particular camp administrative process. One example: camps historically have mailed stacks of forms to parents and staff to be completed by hand and returned via mail.  With CampMinder, parents and staff login to their secure accounts via a camp’s website to complete these forms online.  Data flows real-time into the appropriate CampMinder applications, allowing camp administrators to work with information in an intuitive environment that helps them manage each particular task at hand, and making the process easier and less intimidating and time-consuming for parents.

What does this grant entail?
FJC chosen camps will work directly with CampMinder to integrate this software into their camps.  CampMinder will also offer these camps extensive training and one-on-one support throughout the year.

What is the length of this grant?
The grant will co-fund three years of utilization of CampMinder.  Camps can be on-boarded on a case by case basis, although all camps must begin implementation by March 2015.

What is the cost to my camp?
The grant will match approximately 40%-50% for the first two years (not to exceed $2,500 per year) and up to 25% for the third year (not to exceed $1,250), up to $6,250 total.  Specific contracts will be negotiated by the camp directly with CampMinder.

What else do I need to know? 
This opportunity is only available to camps that are not already using CampMinder.  Camps are responsible for working directly with CampMinder on implementation.  All that is required is a high-speed internet connection.

This opportunity is open only to camps not currently under contract with CampMinder.

To fill out a brief application, please click HERE.
Applications are now closed.

OPPORTUNITY #2: Web Development and Design Consultancy Up to $2,500 over two years in matching dollars is available for participating camps to rebuild their website for better marketing, recruitment, and retention.

What does the grant entail?
FJC will work with a web designer to develop a series of customizable templates giving camps a cost-effective opportunity to update their websites and create mobile-ready solutions.  These plug-and-play options will give camps a pre-set model for web content as well as design, using best practices researched from the field of camp.  FJC will work with the camps to select designs and content. 

What is the length of this grant?
The grant will co-fund camps for a one time site redesign with FJC-chosen developers.  The timeline for this is forthcoming and can be created for each camp on a case by case basis.

What is the cost to my camp?
Matching funds are available up to $2,500 over two years.

This opportunity is open to all camps. 

To apply, please click HERE.
Application deadline has been extended to MARCH 25, 2015.

Acceptance into each program will be determined separately. Participation in one does not increase/decrease a camp’s ability to be accepted into the other.  Start dates can be staggered by camp. 

For complete details of the grants, please click here.  If you have additional questions about this program, please contact Allison Cohen, Director, Marketing and Communications at Allison@jewishcamp.org or 646-278-4504.

RFP: Gottesman Camp Waterfront Improvement Program

With the generous support of The Gottesman Fund, the Foundation for Jewish Camp is coordinating the Gottesman Camp Waterfront Improvement Program, a grant opportunity for camps located in the northeastern United States and in need of upgrading their lakes and lake fronts.  The program is committed to helping camps expand and/or improve their lake infrastructure in order to better serve their current population, expand their programmatic offerings and attract new families.

We are not currently accepting applications for this grant.  Please check back at a later date.