Our Mission
The Foundation for Jewish Camp unifies and galvanizes the field of Jewish camp and significantly increases the number of children participating in high quality, immersive, and transformative Jewish summers, assuring a more vibrant North American Jewish community.

Our Vision
Summers at Jewish camp turn Jewish youth into spirited and engaged Jewish adults, laying the groundwork for strong Jewish communities. The Foundation for Jewish Camp aspires to elevate the field of Jewish camp, conferring proper recognition and granting appropriate support to expand its impact across our community, so that camp can be a critical element of every Jewish young person's education.

Our strategy
The Foundation for Jewish Camp works to:

  • ENSURE that every Jewish child has the opportunity to experience the magic of Jewish camp.
  • DEVELOP current and future leaders to ensure strong camps.
  • PROVIDE camp professionals access to innovative Jewish programming.
  • INCREASE awareness and momentum around Jewish camp in communities across North America.

We have outlined new priorities to support these areas of focus:

LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT: Successful camps require talented and passionate leaders—both lay and professional. Through innovative training programs and consistent support, we sustain key talent, nurture the next generation of leaders, ensure the long-term success of our camps, and sustain the field of Jewish camp.

JEWISH IMPACT: Quality Jewish summer experiences allow campers to explore what it means to be Jewish and become something meaningful that will follow them throughout their lives. Strengthening the quality and depth of Jewish content, including Israeli culture and Hebrew at camps are significant components that drive camper retention and reinforce the role of camp as an experiential Jewish educational platform.

FIELD EXPANSION: More campers participating in Jewish summer experiences will lead to a vibrant Jewish community in the future. Developing new opportunities that attract untapped potential campers will expand the impact of Jewish camp to the broader community reflecting our diversity. We extend our attention to provide support and direction to day camps and a wider range of immersive, experiential summer opportunities for Jewish youth and teens across North America.

If you would like to request a copy of our Strategic Plan: Our Path to 2020, please email us at info@jewishcamp.org.












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