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The third cohort of Lekhu Lakhem, based upon the principles of JCC Association’s Lekhu Lakhem I and II - Jewish and Educational Journeys for Jewish Camp Directors: A Senior Fellows Seminar, is currently in process, including ten from JCC Association affiliated camps and nine from other independent Jewish camps.

Lekhu Lakhem is committed to providing Fellows with:
  • An accessible, positive, enriching experience with Jewish learning;
  • A professional development experience that will enhance the course and content of their careers and make them recognized potent change agents and leaders within their chosen field.
  • An understanding that by virtue of their positions as directors of Jewish camps, they are, in fact, Jewish educators, and that there is Jewish educational import to all their decisions;
  • The ability to articulate a vision for their camps as Jewish educational institutions
  • A set of skills and strategies to develop and translate their Jewish visions into the life and program of their camps


Lekhu Lakhem, for Jewish camp directors, is generously supported by the AVI CHAI Foundation and is established by the Foundation for Jewish Camp and the Mandel Center for Jewish Education of the JCC Association.

Testimonials from former Lekhu Lakhem participants:

“ I continue to learn from many of the moments and people introduced to me as part of Lekhu Lakhem, and the institutions I have led have been positively impacted by my participation. "

"Lekhu Lakhem deepened my own sense of Jewish spirituality and helped clarify my commitment to being a Jewish communal leader." 

Lekhu Lakhem made a huge impact on my life, personally and professionally.  Professionally, it allowed me not only see myself as a Camp Director, but as a Jewish educator as well. The impact on my camp over the last few years is profound. For many of us in the program, it was the beginning of an inspirational journey that never really ended.  It gave us the tools to look introspectively at our own Judaism.  For me, one of the greatest strengths of the program overall was the freedom to say that I didn’t know something relating to Judaism and to have some great educators to help guide me to answers. Possibly the best element of this program was the deep connections I created to a network of colleagues and educators. We’ve all remained quite close and continue to lean on each other and learn from each other.”

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