Check to see if your camper is eligible to receive up to $1000 off their first summer at camp.

Your first-time camper may be eligible for a One Happy Camper grant of up to $1000!

Eligibility and grant amounts are determined by your local program provider in coordination with the Foundation for Jewish Camp.  Eligibility is typically based on:

  • Where you live;
  • Past overnight nonprofit Jewish summer camp experience;
  • Length of stay at camp;
  • Type of school your child is currently enrolled in;
  • Grade your child will enter the fall after camp.
Where are these One Happy Camper programs and which one is for my child?
  1. To see if you live in a community that offers a One Happy Camper program, see our list of partners and contact your local program provider.
  2. If you do not live in a One Happy Camper community, and your first-time camper is a PJ Library member, alum, or sibling of a PJ Library member or alum, s/he may be eligible for a grant through the PJ Library One Happy Camper program.  (Please note that PJ Library grants for Jewish day school students are limited and will be distributed through a lottery system.)
  3. If you neither live in a One Happy Camper community, nor are eligible for the PJ Library One Happy Camper grant, your camper may be eligible for a One Happy Camper incentive grant through your camp.
APPLY NOW for your One Happy Camper grant!  Based on your responses, our system will assign you to the appropriate program, if eligible.

Some important information:

  • Before your child can qualify for a grant, s/he must first be enrolled at a camp listed in our Find-a-Camp tool.
  • This is not a scholarship program. Grants are not based on financial need.
  • Campers will typically receive $1000 for a first-time, 19-consecutive-day session; or $700 for campers attending 12-consecutive-day sessions in the Western states for the first-time. (Western states include Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming.) Some restrictions and exceptions may apply.
  • While your child may be eligible for more than one incentive grant, s/he can only receive one grant that is affiliated with the Foundation for Jewish Camp’s One Happy Camper program.  This includes, but is not limited to, the PJ Library One Happy Camper program, the Harold Grinspoon Western Massachusetts camp incentive program, and/or the various community-based and camp-sponsored One Happy Camper programs.
  • One Happy Camper grants are intended for children who are not currently participating in an immersive daily Jewish experience. As such, children currrently attending a Jewish day school or yeshiva typically are not eligible. However, select partners do have some resources for Jewish day school children. Please be in touch with your local program provider for more information.
  • Select partners offer grants for second-year campers. To learn more, please be in touch with your local program provider.
  • The JWest Campership program, generously funded by the Jim Joseph Foundation, offered incentive grants to returning middle school campers residing in one of the thirteen Western states, who participated in JWest as first-time campers in 2011 and second-time campers in 2012.  This program concluded after its final year in 2013. However, if your child is a first-time camper, there are community or camp-sponsored programs for which your camper may qualify.

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