Foundation for Jewish Camp: Our Path to 2020

Since publishing our five-year strategic plan in 2011, Foundation for Jewish Camp (FJC) continues to be a catalyst for change throughout the field of Jewish camp. We extend our attention to provide support and direction to day camps and a wider range of immersive, experiential summer opportunities for Jewish youth and teens across North America in an effort to expand our reach and have even greater impact, refining our focus to:

LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT Ensure long-term success and sustainability
JEWISH IMPACT Increase educational and identity-building outcomes
FIELD EXPANSION Expand offerings to reach broader segments of the population

To achieve our mission of ensuring that every Jewish child has access to quality Jewish summer experiences, FJC will continue our successful advocacy work through community partnerships and the design and implementation of effective professional development programs for the field.

LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT: Increase sustainability through robust and diverse professional development for day and residential camps.

JEWISH IMPACT: A heightened focus on strengthening the Jewish missions through intentional programmatic efforts at camp will increase the educational and identity-building outcomes.

FIELD EXPANSION: Invest in new avenues of camper acquisition by expanding our offerings to broader segments of the population.

FJC has been privileged to play a special role in guiding philanthropic partners to invest in big, compelling returns. We will continue to work with current and new partners and communities, and embrace the diversity of brands in Jewish camp as we focus on bold, new ideas to ensure a vibrant Jewish future in North America.

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