BunkConnect.org is different than when I visited the site last year.  What happened to the discount program?

Bunkconnect.org was created and launched initially as a pilot program to help make camp more affordable for eligible families, made possible through the generosity of our donors and in collaboration with the camps.  We are in the process of developing different approaches to help address affordability for future summers.  In the meantime, please explore this site with a number of features to help you find the right camp for your child, identify appropriate scholarship opportunities, and learn more about camp.  Also, please visit OneHappyCamper.org and/or contact your local Jewish Federation to learn about other opportunities for first-time campers and returning campers.

What if I visited bunkconnect.org last summer and was waiting to see if the camp I wanted for my child was on BunkConnect this summer?

Talk to the director of that camp and explain the situation.  Many camp directors will be able to direct you towards other opportunities to make camp more affordable for your child this summer.

I was offered a 2-year discount last summer. Is that still valid?

Yes. Talk to your camp director directly.  They will honor the price initially offered. Many 2-year offers required early registration for the second summer.

Are you the same organization that offers One Happy Camper Grants?

Yes, we are pleased to work in partnership with over 40 communities to offer need-blind grants to first-time campers (some restrictions apply). Learn more.

Who is the Foundation for Jewish Camp?

Jewish camp is an essential part of building strong Jewish identity in children and creating a vibrant Jewish future. The Foundation for Jewish Camp (FJC) is the only public organization dedicated solely to nonprofit Jewish overnight camps. We believe that every child should experience Jewish summer camp, and to support this mission we work to develop inspiring camp leaders, expand access to and intensify the demand for Jewish summer experiences and create programs to strengthen camps across the Jewish spectrum in North America. By raising the profile of Jewish camp through strategic partnerships—like One Happy Camper & BunkConnect—on the local level and throughout North America, FJC serves as a central resource for parents and organizations alike.
Fifteen years ago, the Foundation for Jewish Camp set out to strengthen the Jewish community through support and advocacy for transformative summer experiences. Our work has been validated not only by the anecdotal evidence of our alumni but also by respected academic research conducted in recent years.

I still have questions. How can I reach you?

You can send us an email at BunkConnect@JewishCamp.org.