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Session Info for Fellows

We’re still crafting the innovative offerings for the 2018 Seminar. Check back in the Spring for details!


Specialty Tracks

Specialty Tracks are a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in one of 13 areas of camp programming. This allows you to explore an area you are particularly interested in, form a stronger bond with an experienced Educator, and provides continuity across three sessions throughout the seminar.

Register for ONE Specialty Track.

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Electives offer opportunities to explore interests beyond your in-depth Specialty Track and interact with a wider variety of exciting, experienced Educators!

Register for TWO Electives, one for Monday and one for Wednesday.

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Morning Mingles

Morning Mingles are opportunities for dynamic conversations about issues and ideas important to camp life. The topics of these facilitated discussions are based on common areas of interest. Morning Mingles are designed to help you share your perspectives and to gain new insight. Choose one topic for each block and COME PREPARED with one or two ideas to exchange with other Fellows. This is not a learning session as much as a sharing session to swap real-life examples and stimulate your imagination.

Register for TWO Morning Mingle topics, one for Tuesday and one for Wednesday. Please do not sign up for the same topic twice, and remember to come prepared with a program to SHARE!

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Spin It!

“Spin it over and over, for everything is in it.” – Ben Bag Bag (Pirkei Avot 5:26)

Ever wonder about your options when you are creating programs in your camp? What are some different ways to shape the same idea to get the most out of it? “Spin It!” will show you three different creative approaches to implementing the same content/theme.

Spin It! also will introduce you to a common program development framework and create shared language that will be instrumental in Action Plan development and very useful in any future activity planning.

Register for ONE Spin It! topic.

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Choose one of these inventive and creative prayerful experiences and consider some fresh ways of approaching prayer. Engage in a spiritual, prayerful and thoughtful experience modelling examples you might “start the day” with your campers or peers.

Register for TWO Eat•Pray•Invest sessions, one for Tuesday and one for Wednesday.

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Evening Experiences

Evening Experiences are opportunities for Fellows and Liaisons to dive deeper into skill development, explore goals for the summer ahead, and to consider their own Jewish life and leadership beyond camp more broadly.

Register for TWO Evening Experiences, one for Monday and one for Tuesday.

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