Cornerstone Fellowship

Cornerstone Fellowship 2017


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Returning counselors are the “cornerstones” of their camp. Over the last 14 years, more than 3,000 fellows have participated in this transformative leadership experience.

Being a part of the Cornerstone Fellowship includes attending a 5-day seminar in the spring, and bringing new ideas, programs and initiatives back to camp. At the Cornerstone Seminar, 400 staff members from Jewish camps across North America come together for workshops, song sessions, and campfires, learning from seasoned faculty and from each other. Fellows share “magic” and ideas between their camps, creating a new type of camp community

Cornerstone also offers an important professional development opportunity for senior camp staff, who supervise counselors' progress throughout the Cornerstone program. Both fellows and senior camp staff are supported by a faculty advisor, who provides coaching throughout the summer so goals, visions, and action plans can be implemented successfully.

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Cornerstone Seminar 2017
May 21-25, 2017
Capital Camps in Waynesboro, PA


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The Cornerstone Fellowship is a program of the Foundation for Jewish Camp, generously supported by the AVI CHAI Foundation, Crown Family Philanthropies, the Marcus Foundation, and the Morningstar Foundation.