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Cornerstone Fellowship 2016


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Returning counselors are the “cornerstones” of their camp.  Over the last 13 years, over 2,800 fellows have participated in this transformative experience.  As we head into our 13th year, we expect the largest seminar to date.  At this seminar, 400 staff members come together for workshops, song sessions, and campfires, learning from our seasoned faculty and each other.  Fellows share “magic” and ideas between camps, creating a new type of camp community.  Cornerstone also offers an important professional development opportunity for senior camp staff supervising counselors' progress throughout the program. Both fellows and senior camp staff are supported by a faculty advisor, who provides coaching throughout the summer so that visions and action plans can be implemented successfully. Read more in Cornerstone 2016 Information Guide

Cornerstone Seminar 2016
May 22-26, 2016
Capital Camps in Waynesboro, PA


The Cornerstone Fellowship: New Camp Track

The New Camp Track is an intensive track intended for camps that are new to the Cornerstone Fellowship. This program is designed to be a thorough introduction that will enable you to successfully implement Cornerstone at your camp this year and for many years to come. 

New camps will experience Cornerstone through a behind-the-scenes lens, both as a liaison (supervisory staff member) and fellow (programming bunk counselor.) The New Camp Track will equip camps with the tools to enhance their Jewish educational programming as well as recruit, retain, and invest in returning counselors who will serve as Cornerstone fellows in future years. Participation in year one is limited to one liaison per camp who will work towards full participation, including fellows, in year two. 

Read more in the full New Camp Track Guide. 

If you have any questions about the program, please contact us at 646-278-4521 or via email at

The Cornerstone Fellowship is a program of the Foundation for Jewish Camp, generously supported by the AVI CHAI Foundation, Crown Family Philanthropies, the Marcus Foundation, and the Morningstar Foundation. 


Cornerstone 2015 Mini Grants

The Foundation for Jewish Camp is thrilled to announce that Cornerstone 2015 Fellows are eligible for small grants to create Jewish experiences for their local communities.  These grants could amount to as much as $1000! As Jewish educators, Cornerstone fellows infuse Jewish content into camp. We believe that the skills you have gained through your leadership roles at camp can and should be used to keep up the work from camp once you’re back home. FJC wants to provide Cornerstone alumni with the resources to help you infuse Jewish content in creative ways into your lives year round, for yourselves and your friends. 

What are the kinds of experiences that FJC is looking to fund?
The experience should be heavily influenced by Jewish content and planned for the participant and/or his/her friends.  Need some ideas?  If the experience is just for you,, it could be some kind of professional development opportunity (like attending a conference or taking a class to expand your skills as a Jewish educator).  If the experience is for a group of friends or a community, it could include a virtual Jewish book club, a Cornerstone camp Shabbat program on campus, or a Holiday celebration with friends.  All experiences must occur before December 31, 2015. 

We will be accepting applications on a rolling basis until October 16, 2015.  Read more about the opportunity on the Information Sheet and then submit an Application

Questions about the Cornerstone Mini Grant? Contact Shalom Orzach at

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