Camper Satisfaction Insights
Camp parents are the core of a camp’s business. They ultimately decide whether or not to select a particular camp as the best summer experience for their child and whether to recommend a camp to others. 

Camper Satisfaction Insights (CSI) provides a look at what parents and campers really think of everything—from programming to pricing, to safety and food. This in-depth market research tool helps camps pinpoint strengths and weaknesses according to respondents’ feedback. By revealing potential areas for improvement, camp management can identify an action plan that will help them better serve parents, campers, and their budget.

Administered by Summation Research, the Camper Satisfaction survey helps camps:


  • Determine areas of strength
  • Identify areas of opportunity in programming, fundraising, facilities, marketing, retention, alumni and more
  • Compare to a national aggregate of approximately 75 camps
  • Identify and manage perceptions and expectations of camper families
  • Identify opportunities for greater communications, marketing and recruitment


Customized options are available as well as training and implementation support. 

How is CSI benefiting camps? See what the field is saying:

“The information gathered through these professional surveys has provided us with customer satisfaction data for all aspects of the Ramah Wisconsin experience.  This valuable information has helped us enhance our program to better meet the needs of our campers and will be a very valuable tool as we develop a strategic plan for the coming decade.”
-Dr. Jeff Kopin, President, Camp Ramah in Wisconsin

"The survey was incredibly helpful in identifying both areas in which we successfully stand out and areas needing improvement.  As a team, my staff was able to utilize the results as a tool to delve deeper into bettering camp."
– Michelle Koplan, Executive Director B'nai B'rith Camp