Camp Census

JData is now open!

All camps are required to complete the 2015 JData Census. 


What is JData?


JData is a non-profit project that collects and provides census information about Jewish educational programs in North America. JData collects a wide range of confidential information, and focuses on a set of key indicators—these data points have been identified by JData and partner organizations as essential for organizational and field-wide assessment. Working with FJC and JCamp180, the census is tailored to Jewish overnight camps.  The JData camp profile includes questions about enrollment, retention, governance, staffing, finance, and programs.  Accurate information and statistics about the field help us communicate the power of Jewish camp to funders, communal leaders, and the media. It also helps FJC to create and improve the many programs that benefit camp professionals and campers alike.

How Can it Benefit You?

JData offers the ability to run comparison reports that show you your results alongside those of similar camps. Comparisons are important because they offer you context for understanding how your camp is doing on key indicators such as budget, enrollment, and staffing. How does your fundraising, tuition, or the financial assistance you are offering compare with other institutions of your size? This information is of great value to your board, staff, major supporters, and others with a vested interest in making your program the best it can be.

Learn more with our CASE STUDIES.


Get Started


What to bring with you:
In order to complete a JData profile, you need to have the following information at hand. Then head to the JData website.
1. Address and contact information for the organization (not the person filling out the profile)
2. Organization type
3. Sponsors
4. List of associated programs
5. Contact information for the person filling out the profile
6. Information describing your organization's participants or members, including:
1. Enrollment by grade or age level
2. Capacity
3. How special needs are addressed, if applicable
7. Information about the staff, including:
1. Number of staff
2. Hours worked
3. Salary ranges
4. Staff with special training or certification
8. Number of members on the governing board, if applicable
9. General information about the budget:
1. Professional development expenditures
2. Funding practices
3. Tuition
4. Financial assistance programs, if relevant
5. Information about associated organizations, accreditation and grants.
6. Information about the nature of the programs and special offerings your organization provides.


If you are using JData for the first time (or just need a refresher), the JData staff will be hosting a webinar to help you get started. The demonstration will include how to log-in, navigate the site, and enter data into the profile form.


Login Information:

Returning Users?

1. Go to
2. Enter your e-mail address and password.* Click “Sign In.”
3. Click the orange Profile Form button for 2014-2015 just below your camp's name.
* If you do not remember your password, click “Forget Your Password?” at the bottom of the box. Enter your e-mail address and click “Email instructions.” Instructions for re-setting your password will be e-mailed to you. If you encounter any issues, call 781-736-3941 or email

Are you new to JData?

Anyone new to the system should e-mail, who will then send instructions and a temporary password.


Worried about the privacy of your data?  Individual organizations’ information is kept strictly confidential. A dedicated person at each organization has complete control over who can view that organization’s profile form. This professional or lay leader approves or denies viewing and editing privileges on a case-by-case basis. Contact information from all organizations in the database is available in the Directory.  Aggregated, anonymous data is available to all registered users. NOTE: To preserve organizations' anonymity, results are produced only when 5 or more organizations have provided information on the selected variable.

FJC is featured in JData's March newsletter!  Learn about highlighted data points from the 2014 Camp Census here.

JData is sponsored by the Jim Joseph Foundation and operated by the Cohen Center for Modern Jewish Studies at Brandeis University.