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BE A NADIV EDUCATOR! We are looking for great senior-level experiential Jewish educators

    Nadiv is a five-year grant program of the Foundation for Jewish Camp, funded by the Avi Chai and Jim Joseph Foundations, to create partnerships between a Jewish residential camp and a Jewish school in each of six communities (see the press release here). The goals of the partnerships are:

-To enhance the quality of Jewish education at the participating camps

-To enhance the offerings of the participating schools by making available an educator skilled in “informal” educational techniques.

-To encourage a synergy between the school and camp, providing ongoing benefits to both.

-To open a new kind of career path to select, talented educators.

There are SIX openings for Nadiv Camp – School Educators, to be located in the following communities:

-Atlanta (URJ Camp Coleman and the Davis Academy)

-Minneapolis (Herzl Camp and the Heilicher Minneapolis Jewish Day School)

-New York metro area (Camp Young Judaea Sprout Lake and Solomon Schechter Day School of Bergen County)

-San Diego (Camp Mountain Chai and San Diego Jewish Academy)



The successful candidate will serve in a full-time, year-round position that spans both the camp and the school. While the precise description for each position will be determined by the respective camp and school partners, and each will therefore differ slightly from the others, in general each Nadiv educator will serve as director of education at camp during the summers, and in a senior administrative position in the school through the school year. Each Nadiv educator will be part of the senior staff in both institutions, and will help create the educational vision for both. S/he will work with the camp and school to imagine new approaches to integrating formal and informal education techniques, helping both communities to be more successful in the work they do.

Beyond serving in discrete senior educational positions at both camp and school, the Nadiv educator may serve as an important educational link between the two institutions, helping to build educational and communal synergies between them.

Additionally, Nadiv educators will take part in a unique community of practice. Supported by experienced mentors from the field, Nadiv educators will meet both in person and on conference calls to learn together, reflect on their work, and share in best practices.

Ideal Qualifications:

-Experience in both formal Jewish education settings (such as day school, religious school and adult learning) and informal settings (such as youth groups, camp, Israel travel programs and retreats).

-Advanced degree in Jewish education/learning, such as rabbinic ordination, MAJE, MARE or the equivalent.

-Ability to work in partnership with both professional staff and lays leaders to craft educational vision for the respective institutions.

-Strong administrative and organizational skills.

-Warm and outgoing personality.

-Strong interpersonal skills with both professional staff and lay leaders.

-Ability to integrate formal and informal education models.

-Experience in program planning and curriculum development.

-A high degree of Jewish literacy.

Conditions of Employment:

-To begin June 1, 2012 or earlier

-Appropriate salary and benefit package commensurate with experience

-Specific details to be determined in conjunction with the specific camp-school partners



Responsibilities will be determined by the specific camp-school partnership, and may include the following or similar responsibilities:


-Manage the development of the structure and nature of the camp’s Jewish education program.

-Work closely with camp administrative team.

-Work in partnership with the camp senior staff to craft a vision for the camp’s approach to Jewish living and learning.

-Maintain communication with camp’s seasonal education staff, including visiting faculty (if appropriate), ensuring programmatic goals and general expectations are clear (conference calls, newsletters, emails, etc.).

-Develop learning programs for seasonal staff, such as counselors, faculty and others, including both Judaic elements of staff orientation and ongoing learning during the camp season.


-Work with the camp staff and faculty to execute summer education program.

-Supervise the activities of seasonal education staff, including visiting faculty members, song leaders, tefillah preparation and delivery, as appropriate for the specific camp community.

-Provide staff with ongoing Jewish and leadership learning program.

-Act as a primary resource of Judaic knowledge for the camp community.


Responsibilities will be determined by the specific camp-school partnership, and may include the following or similar responsibilities:

-Oversee practice and education of school tefillah.

-Serve as a resource to school faculty with regard to informal education (as applied both within and outside the classroom).

-Work with the senior staff of the school to craft an approach to informal Jewish learning that is appropriate to the setting and constituency.

-Guide Judaic Studies and Hebrew instruction and practice in the school.

-Lead faculty and parent education on Jewish topics.

-Facilitate youth programming including senior and junior youth group activities.

-Conduct informal Jewish educational programs, such as Shabbatonim and winter encampments, for students and parents.

-Work closely as a member of the senior administration to support the progress of the school.

For Further Information:

Contact Nadiv Project Manager:

Ramie Arian

(914) 682-2814

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