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Archive for May, 2010

Acquiring Shavuot

In the Torah, we recently started reading the book of Numbers- Bemidbar in Hebrew, meaning “in the wilderness.” We learn in the Midrash: “There are three ways to acquire Torah, with Fire, with Water, and with Wilderness.” (Midrash Numbers Rabbah 1:1) It could be understood to mean that we acquire T...

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The New Hybrid: Day School and Camp?

What would happen if day school and Jewish overnight camp merged into a year-long educational and recreational experience? Robert Lichtman of The Partnership for Jewish Learning and Life, and FJC Incentive Program partner, wonders below on Seeing Clearly with Double Vision by Robert Lichtman ...

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Jewish Camp in the News

With summer just around the corner, Jewish camp is on the lips of people across North America!  Check out these news highlights: - Mother Nature Network included Eden Village Camp in their roundup of 15 green summer camps to send your kids to that will teach them how to live green and appreciate the planet while they have fun outside. [...

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Yitro Fellows “Look Upstream”

Julie Finkelstein, Yitro Fellow and assistant director at Capital Camps, gave the following speech at the fellows’ graduation ceremony last week – we thought we would share: ...

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