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Archive for February, 2010

You’ve got questions. Jeremy can answer.

We hear it in our conversations with you, and we see it in the press. Sometimes, it even comes up during dinner conversations with our friends and families: Now that the Foundation for Jewish Camp’s new CEO Jeremy J. Fingerman is at the helm, what’s in store for the field of Jewish summer camp? Good question. And, we’re sure it’s not the only one that camp profe...

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Jewish Camp in the News

- Do camp grants inspire strong Jewish connections?  The Baltimore Jewish Examiner says “yes.” [Baltimore Jewish Examiner, 1/4] - The days of greasy, unhealthy food at camp are a thing of the past!  Pearl Salkin inve...

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Are Jewish summer camps a luxury?

Editor's note: This entry by Shalom Berger is re-posted from Davar Acher: On the Other Hand the blog of the Jim Joseph Foundation Fellows-Leading Educators Online Program. Since I began my career in Jewish education I have been identified as a "formal" Jewish educator. F...

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Forget the snow, think summer!

It may be cold and snowing outside your window, but it’s time to think about summer!  The first camp sessions start in 125 days – How is your child going to spend their summer months?  How can you get involved in shaping a transformative summer for children and teens? If you’re interested in sending your child to camp this summer, check out the FJC ...

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Torah 2.0 and Sharing Tribal Knowledge

The main event of this week’s Torah portion, Yitro - arguably the climax of the book of Exodus, if not the entire Torah - is the Revelation at Sinai. This event is directly preceded by Moses’s reunion with his family. Amidst this reunion, Yitro, Moses’s father-in-law, sees Moses at work. While Moses was sitting from morning until night listening to the people who had come to seek Go...

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Mitch Joel Prepares Jewish Camps for the Future

We are pleased to announce that Mitch Joel will be the keynote speaker at Leaders Assembly 2010! Mitch Joel is a digital marketer, author, entrepreneur, blogger, visionary, and branding guru.  Described as a "Rock Star of Digital Marketing" and "one of North America's leading digital visionaries" by Marketing Magazine, Joel is one of North America’s...

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